CAPS Solutions

A Step Above is dedicated to ensuring the all clients, regardless of ability, are provided with a safe and beautifully designed floor to suit their needs.  A Step Above recognizes that both the hardness of the floor installed as well as the coefficient of friction are incredibly important in determining the safety of the floor for our clients who need a bit more consideration. Our company will make the needs of our disabled clients a top priority when selecting the materials that will go into their remodel for one of our effective CAPS solutions.

Here are a few recommendations:

  • Keep the smoothness of the floor in mind-plush carpeting or flooring that is too textured may create a problem for walkers or wheelchairs
  • Look for flooring that is flat, consistent, and has a matte finish-flooring that does not fit this description can be slippery and dangerous to those with balance or mobility issues
  • Commercial grade flooring will be the most appropriate flooring choice for disabilities as it will stand up to potential drops, falls, and contact with mobility aids
  • Consider different entry options for bathtubs to guarantee that bathing is a non-issue for safety. A Step Above can completely remodel your bathroom and install these features to make things even just a bit easier for our clients with mobility issues.
  • During your remodel, keep ADA compliances in mind for format considerations. Doing it right from the beginning will save a lot of headache in the future.

A Step Above ensures that all of our clients will feel passionate about their renovation while also feeling safe.  Our company is dedicated to satisfying any and all requirements for all of our clients to guarantee that their renovation is a stunning, yet functional representation of their taste.

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